Buying at an Auction

The speed of which the process of purchasing a property at auction is far quicker than buying within the residential sales market. You will have to provide a 10% deposit on the day and then the remainder is due 28 days later.

The buying process is completely transparent and is an open competition with all purchasers on a level playing field. You are aware of all other bidders and the interest level of the property you are bidding on.

There are no fall throughs with auction properties, or lengthy delays from chains or broken communications.

At the auction you will have access to properties locally and nationally, a catalogue and can view online three weeks before the day itself.

  • Remotely; If you can’t be there in person, you can bid remotely.
  • By proxy; an auctioneer will place bids on your behalf to your preset budget.
  • By telephone; call into the auction room and bid over the phone.
  • Online; by filling out a registration form you can bid simply online.

Selling at an Auction

Marketed both locally and nationally, your property will have access to a large target audience creating the greatest amount of interest. Marketing included; regional newspaper, national internet and website portal advertising, erected ‘Auction For Sale Board’ and property listed within the Town & Country Property Auction brochure and website.

From instruction to exchange of contracts, this can be achieved within as little as six to eight weeks. On auction day, when the hammer falls, the purchaser is committed to complete the sale within 28 days.

There can be no falls through once the hammer falls. Your buyer is legally committed to purchase without the penalty of losing their deposit.

In an auction room, the atmosphere is exciting and can begin a process of competitive bidding between potential purchasers. The property sale is transparent and provides you with assurance the best possible price has been achieved in an open competition.

We provide a unique approach called Buyer’s Premium. The purchaser is responsible to pay the Buyer’s Premium for the sale of the property.

In Affiliation with Town & Country Property Auctions, leaders in the sale of residential and commercial properties including development and agricultural land.